The global pandemic has more than just concerns of health for one to take note of. It is true that the pandemic hit the surface of the planet without warning and when people were celebrating the New Year. It came in like a tsunami that scathed the lives of people around the planet. It is not just the physical health of people which is at risks. The economic and the political health of the world have also gone for a toss. The global economy is at an all-time low, and it is unfortunate to state that several nations have politicized the pandemic for their personal political agendas. On the flip side, several countries like Taiwan, Norway, Germany, New Zealand and Hong-Kong have successfully managed a crisis of this epic magnitude and helped restore normalcy in their economy. These nations, with efficient political leaders, have emerged as the torch-bearers of efficient crisis management. On this note, let us now have a look into how some governments have handled the crisis. It is essential to take stock of the political situation once a while and scrutinize those who lead us through the tough times. Have they fulfilled their roles well, or have some of these political leaders mismanaged the crisis? These are questions that we shall be looking into.

Political Leaders of Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Germany Have Emerged as a Beacon of Hope:

The way these leaders have handled the pandemic is worth applauding. From restricting people’s movements, coming up with structured economic packages to enhancing the healthcare infrastructure- these leaders have emerged to become the true people’s leader. They have studied and pored over resources relentlessly, and taken wise counsel from their advisors to devise the best strategies for the people. And these ceaseless efforts have helped these nations to overcome the hurdles and flatten the curve significantly. Ramping up the testing procedures and contact-tracing have brought in efficiency in the system. The economy is recovering, and the rate of recovery of those few affected still, is quite high.


Mismanagement of the Crisis by Some Nations:

Though things look quite hopeful for the countries we mentioned in the earlier section, it is not the same for several other nations. And it shall be inane and irresponsible of us, if we were to ignore how some political leaders have mismanaged and politicized the pandemic to fuel their agendas. Some nations have seen a sharp drop in their GDP due to the insufficient economic packages meted out as solutions. A GDP drop of 23.9 per cent, the worst since a country’s independence, is extremely worrisome and the political leaders do not seem to have done great in handling the crisis. The state of the migrant workers in some third-world nations, insufficient testing and contact-tracing, and the lack of proper medical care equipment have led to the worsening of the health crisis in some of the nations like Brazil, parts of Africa and India, among several others.

The Verdict:

The discussion proves that countries that have placed the health of their citizens as their priority have done exceptionally well in managing the pandemic. However, those who have not paid much attention to the seriousness of the pandemic and catered to their political motives first, have failed miserably. However, amidst all the hopelessness and political agendas, it is refreshing to see some political leaders prioritizing their countries’ healthcare and economy. It can thus, be stated that all hope is not lost and good things are underway.