With the ongoing US elections, there is only one thing that people around the world are looking into besides their daily updates of the pandemic. Is 2020 the last for the era of Donald Trump, or is he going to continue his run as the President of the United States for another term? Is a change incoming or will Donald Trump be the one to bring in fresh changes to the rules and regulation of the United States of America? The final verdict shall be out on November 3. However, before that, let us run you through all that we know so far about the US elections.

The Presidential Candidates:

The candidates for assuming the mantle of the POTUS are known to be faring well so far in this election. We have the Democratic Party’s nominee Joe Biden, challenging the present President of the United States Donald Trump, from the Republican Party. The tension in the air is real, and both of them have been doing great so far with their presidential campaigns. A fresh and welcoming move that we have noticed this time in the campaign is that of Kamala Harris being selected as the running mate for Joe Biden. Kamala Harris has South Asian roots, specific to India. And this move is hopeful of bringing in more inclusivity and expansion in the political milieu of America. Some Indians are also of the view that Kamala Harris being chosen as Biden’s running mate can channel a new and positive course for India’s relationship with America. Now, how far that is true remains to be seen if Biden happens to grab the winning spot.

Presidential Candidates

Who is Leading, Who is Not:

Things are looking hopeful for Joe Biden in this battlefield. However, these are, what many would suggest, just the testing waters. There is still a very long time until November 3, and it does not take more than just the blink of an eye for things to change in the political landscape. And let us not forget that the person Joe Biden is competing against is Donald Trump. The Trump administration has yielded a farrago of reviews from the citizens and other politicians. The present POTUS has a massive following. And though there are instances of widespread dissent and failure of his government to handle some situations, he has emerged to become one of the most followed presidents in the history of the US.

US elections


In these initial and early stages, a change might seem to be underway. Joe Biden is leading the grounds with a significant margin. However, as we said, it is too soon to suggest anything or come up with a verdict. This is all the information that you need to wrap your heads around at this moment. What happens finally is for time to tell!